OctaX Finance

OctaX Finance

A DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain
OctaX is a Yield Farm platform on Binance Smart Chain. It helps users generate income easily and safely. We are focusing on the quality and fundamentals in the crypto world standard to earn safe and stable yields for everyone with more features to come in the future.
  • We hope to create OctaX for everyone to earn OctaX and other assets while staking.


Yield Farm
An innovative DeFi concept where users stake their crypto assets in order to receive returns in our protocol.
Winner will get a prize from us drawing of numbers at random.
DeFi Arbitrage Bot
The robot will compare the price of every asset on the BSC platform and then find the best route for the algorithm, resulting in a high percentage of profits.

🚀 Why we create OctaX?

We aim to provide users the experiences of yield farming to earn their profits safely and worthily with several farming pool of choices. We not only build farming feature! but also provide you such a Lottery activity and DeFi Arbitrage Bot as we see that all users in our community deserve something new and fun. If we can make you all enjoy our protocol, why not.😉
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