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⚡️- Future Trading Tool

What is Future trading tool ?

It is a tool that makes it easier for you to make profits from trading. In a volatile market, it is difficult to find a point and decide to enter a trade. The accuracy of this tool will help you make profits in all market conditions.

How is it different than other indicators?

It is developed from data collected from all exchanges, stored in an OctaX Server such as Bitcoin Volatility Index, Future volume, Future Open Interest, Total liquidations, and then analyzed for trends of the market and used to determine the entry point in the trade.
We have been developing for quite some time. Now we are confident that it is the best version and is the most accurate compared to general indicators

Risk Warning?

It is suitable for trading Bitcoin and should be used as a margin trading tool. If you are trading in the future market, the amount of your trade will affect and result in Bitcoin price volatility.